Shoe Shop

The month-long pop-up project space at 6 de Beer Street, Braamfontein, is the venue for smaller events, lectures, presentations, as well as a meeting point for artists’ walks and performances.

Bettina Malcomess lends the Shoe Shop parts of the Millenium Bar (installation).

Opening hours, 3 to 30 May, from 10am to 4pm and for evening events.

Opening, 2 May
4pm – Launch of the Shoe Shop
Shoe Shine performance by Bettina Malcomess and Jacques Du Toit

4.30pm – Launch of the Shoe Shop book
(Food & drinks) courtesy of Ms Buttons.

6pm – Stacy Hardy, Short cuts keys: flash fiction, unpublished twitter novels, Camfranglais mapaning and intergalactic wormhole navigation. (Or punctuation, punctuality and arriving in (our) time-place)

Shoe Shop is a space for
– Exhibition print & working stations
Photographs printed as posters will be available to the public as an extension of the public space installation in Johannesburg. Posters with works by George Osodi, Fatoumata Diabaté, Emmanuel Bakary Daou and Thabiso Sekgala will be available here. The shop will include a work-station for visiting photographers, as well as a space to access the website. Visitors will be able to blog or add images and update events to the map.

– Lectures, walks, presentations, screenings, bar
Functioning also as a working and talking space, there will be presentations, screenings and talks each Friday from 11 May for the month of May, starting with a presentation by Rangoato Hlasane (11 May) about Johannesburg-situated novels from the 1990s: Penny Siopis will attend the screening of her films My Lovely Day, Pray, Obscure White Messenger and Communion (18 May); Tegan Bristow and Riaan Pietersen, who developed the site, will speak about mapping and web design (25 May), Thenjiwe Nkosi will show and discuss her film Border Farm (15 May). Walks and walking performances by Doung Anwar Jahangeer, Donna Kukama, Serge Alain Nitegeka will start at the She Shop.

2 May, 6pm – Stacy Hardy (lecture) – Short Cuts Keys: Flash fiction, unpublished twitter novels, Camfranglais mapaning and intergalactiv warmhole navigation (on punctuation, punctuality and arriving in (our) time-place).

5 May, 11am – Walk with Doung Anwar Jahangeer (architect and artist, Durban)

11 May, 6pm – Rangoato Hlasane & Malose Malahlela explore Johannesburg through sound, text and literature with references to Phaswane Mpe’s Welcome to Our Hillbrow, Mma Tseleng’s Hillbrow Kwaito Walks and Keleketla! Library’s 2011 performance, Nonwane.

12 May, 11am – Rangoato Hlasane doing the Hillbrow Kwaito roots walk.


15 May, 6pm – Border Farm, Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi, ZA, 2010, 32′ (screening and open discussion)
Border Farm portrays the many-layered drama of forced migration and raises questions about how these issues can be adressed and presented through writing, film, and reenactment.

18 May, 6pm – Four Films by Penny Siopis (screening and open discussion)
Penny Siopis, one of today’s most influential artists in South Africa, started to work with 8mm film in 1997, at first with family stock, shortly after with found footage. Four very elaborated experimental films emerged from that work, in which personal memory and fragments of an Apartheid history converge.
– My Lovely Day (1997), Video (8mm on DVD), 21’
– Pray (2007), Video, (8mm on DVD), 2’48”
– Obscure White Messenger (2010), Video (8mm on DVD), 15’6”
– Communion (2011), Video (8mm on DVD), 5’30“

19 May, 11am – Kukama Wa Kukama alias Donna Kukamma, walk and sound installation

26 May, 11am – Serge Alain Nitegeka

– Film on demand section
‘Film on demand’ will make it possible to view movies and shorts showing at Bioscope, as well as other works of interest not included in the programme – at any time and free of charge.
Films on demand (PDF)

– Shoe Shop is a shop
for accessories, walking items, bags, books and other printed material, the Shoe Shop book as well as Francis Burger & Jonah Sack’s from The Independent Publishing Project (IPP) collaborative publication ‘Mister Follow Follow’ and many more.


Finissage, 1 June, TBC