Film Programme

Gata le nna, Walk with me

2 to 30 May 2012

About the programme

‘Gata le nna’ in Setswana means ‘walk with me’. The saying is also the title of a popular song by the much loved South African hip hop artist JR. The films selected for Gata le nna, Walk with me invites the audience to go on a journey with us, as we try to navigate the complexities of movement.

Gata le nna, Walk with me is curated by Joan Legalamitlwa and Marie-Hélène Gutberlet

“Films that lead us to reflect on walking, even when there is not much of it, are often films that attempt to wrest a picture from reality and are not already subservient to the norms of its media representation, its invention or domestication.”

(Annett Busch, “The open field”, Shoe Shop 2012, 35-43)


Venue and booking information

The film programme runs in collaboration with The Bioscope, Maboneng Precinct and the Film + School project.
For reservation and information please contact Darryl Els 084 4149312 or Russell Grant 0732841372
The Bioscope, 286 Fox Street, Main Street Life, Johannesburg 2094

Shoe Shop and the Film + School project collaborate on a series of films by African directors. The films look at physical motion, especially of children and young people, who are the largest group of walkers in our society. These films are clearly marked in the programme and will be shown as scheduled and a second time during May and June 2012. Film + School will run once a week throughout the school term and will be free of charge. For bookings and further details please contact Puleng Plessie, / 0762532530.

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