Shoe Shop
edited by Marie-Hélène Gutberlet & Cara Snyman
Johannesburg, Jacana Media 2012, 280p.

Shoe Shop is an anthology and an experiment in imagining different paths, speaking in different tongues – on Africa, movement, public space, arts, migration: considering an innate humanity. The book has been shaped to create a space for transformation and fluidity, for care, and for the sole pleasure of movement. It is a site for loitering, waiting, but also for doubt and reserving a space to enquire.

Literal and theoretical notions addressed in the book start with feet, physicality and shoes, moving to real and imagined, literal and conceptual forms of movement, using invented maps, possible routes, dreams and ideas about the future. The reader looks at the arts, particularly photography, cinema and literature.

Book launch

2 May, 4pm
Shoe Shop opening
Shoe Shop, 6 de Beer street, Braamfontein

Shoe Shop


– Foreword 

– Walking movements

  – Doung Anwar Jahangeer, …just passing through…
  – Marie-Hélène Gutberlet, On walking (pdf)
  – Jackie Lebo, Running
  – Annett Busch, The open field – Some notes on the figure of walking in African film
  – Penny Siopis, The hooks of history – Three films
  – Gael Reagon, Greetings Mr Prez
  – Guy Woueté, Next week (pdf)

Images of and images in migrating practices

  – Moussa Konaté, Pictures from here for the people over yonder – Photography in migratory circuits (pdf)
  – Jodi Bieber, Going home
  – Jean-Bernard Ouédraogo, Traces of African migratory identities in the photographic sphere
  – George Osodi, Black street (EKI) – The quest for greener pasture
  – WJT Mitchell, Migrating images – Totemism, fetishism, idolatry
  – Jessica Nitsche, Arriving home and moving on – The photographs of Lisl Ponger in Bamako
  – Max Annas, To France or wherever – The Blue Notes and exile in Europe
  – Sokona Diabaté, Family portrait (pdf)

Dialogues, struggles with ambivalences, family and history

  – Bärbel Küster, Conversations Fragments of an oral history of Malian photography
In conversation with Fatoumata Diabaté, Amadou Sow, Emmanuel Bakary Daou, Mamadi Koité, Halima Diop
  – Christoph Singer, Presence and Absence in Sokona Diabaté’s Portrait de famille
  – Sissy Helff, 
Ambiguous gestures, ambivalent images – Migratory aesthetics and contemporary photography
  – Thabiso Sekgala, Where is home?
  – Thenjiwe Nkosi in conversation with Musa Nxumalo, Odd future (pdf)
  – Jürgen SchadebergWe won’t move

Struggle for space, coexistence and in-betweenness

  – Kemang Wa Lehulere, Thirty minutes of amnesia
  – Serge Alain Nitegeka in conversation with Joan Legalamitlwa, Applied pressure
  – Andries Walter Oliphant, A Walk in the Night – Breaking the lines of force in postcolonial African narratives
  – Ismail Farouk, Waiting – Daily rhythm in a time of loitering bylaw enforcement (pdf)
  – Jyoti Mistry, Bridging movement binaries through time – A description of a work in progress